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Coe-Brown’s Hoedown Throwdown: Winter Carnival 2019

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

~Lauren Best

February 2019, Coe-Brown experienced winter carnival per usual, but this wasn’t just another year of fierce competition between each of the grades; it was a year of the Hoedown Throwdown. Winter carnival 2019 was Western themed. On Friday of spirit day, the CBNA student body took extra care to wear their finest cowboys hats and boots to compliment their flannel shirts.

There were many great events on the first day of carnival. To go along with the Western theme, there was a frying pan toss and cattle lassoing. There were also snowshoe races, a huge scavenger hunt, campus wide hide-and-seek), and the ever famous and deadly musical chairs. There were also board games, a cooking competition, and ag tech/mechanical contests. Everyone’s favorite activities to watch are the games in the gym like basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball. This year, the freshmen won volleyball for the first time ever. Winter carnival history being made in 2019!

On the second day, the student body took to the stage for performances and music. The judging for each of the stage events was done by the teachers themselves. The best advice I can give is to have stage events with songs and jokes that teachers can understand and laugh at. The more laughs, the better the overall score. All of the senior’s stage events placed first except for the short film. The juniors kept the second place all-round, and the sophomores and freshmen passed third and fourth back and forth. As a whole, there was a lot of hard work put into dancing, lip syncing, and the skits that made competition very close.

And just for the record, carnival scoring is the same to the game of golf; the lowest score wins. So earning five points for your grade by not showing up to an event isn’t doing your class a favor at all, but your lack of participation is certainly helping the other classes big time. In the end, it was the senior class that won, per usual, with 83 points. Next were the juniors with 109 points, and one point behind them, 110, were the sophomores. That’s going to be quite a race for next year. And finally the freshmen in fourth with 139 points. First year of winter carnival is definitely a learning experience. I have a feeling the class of 2022 will be coming back stronger next year. As a whole, the Hoedown Throwdown was a huge success will a lot of do-si-do-ing and a huge amount of school spirit.

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