Staff Bios

The People Behind The Stories

Lauren Best

Lauren is a junior and writing is one of her major passions. She hopes to go to Ohio State to major in secondary English teaching once she graduates from Coe-Brown. Lauren’s favorite hobbies are dancing, participating in band, running, writing, reading, hiking, and kayaking. In her spare time, Lauren loves to watch football and baseball with her dad and bake with her younger sister, Erika, and her mom. Her family loves to go on vacations to places all over the United States and her favorite state is Ohio. 

Ian Gollihur

Ian enjoys watching NBA basketball and will accept any challenge to a match-up at the courts after school. He is a sensitive soul, and his favorite musician is Frank Ocean. He is one fifth of CBNA memes and is on the volleyball team. He can sing all of “Marvin’s Room” by Drake without crying (two times in a row though is still too much). One time he met Malia Obama and she told him she would follow him on SoundCloud (he is still waiting for the follow). He hopes to attend McGill University with his boy Addison Craven to double major in political science and psychology.

Addison Craven

Addison is a junior at Coe-Brown, and he’s passionate about his role as a music/movie columnist at CBNA Today. He listens to and watches a wide variety of genres, covering both new releases and classics. Outside of writing, he enjoys hiking, playing guitar and drums, listening to music, spending time with friends and with his pet tarantula, and eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. He hopes to attend McGill University after high school and backpack around Europe during his college years.

Jackson Noel

Jackson is a part of this year’s graduating class as well as CBNA Today, Peer Helpers, and boys soccer. Some common interests you might catch him discussing are hip-hop and rap artists, cars, and sitcoms like Alf and Friends. He hopes to attend a four-year college for mechanical engineering to put him on a clear cut path to an automotive design career. He loves all kinds of music, with the exceptions of country and metal, two genres that don’t appeal to him. Some artists he will either write or talk about include J. Cole, Bas (who released his album “Milky Way” in mid-August), and Tyler, the Creator. He genuinely enjoys the articles he gets to write for newspaper because he's in control of what I write about.

Alice Ewing

Alice Ewing is a senior at Coe Brown this year.  She enjoys sleeping, reading, music, writing, and free homework passes. She ran over a squirrel two weeks ago, and she still feels kind of bad about it. She loves her dogs, her cat, and her family. If one more person asks her what her plans for the future are, she is dropping out of high school.

Nathan Hoffman

My name is Nathan Hoffman. I am a senior at Coe-Brown and an aspiring filmmaker. I enjoy critiquing films, photography, screenplays, and books. I have experience working on films since I was twelve years old, and have been a production assistant on a “B” class short film. I am currently in production on two movies. One is a short drama I have been developing over the summer for my senior project, and the other is a 2-hour fantasy film, of which I have been working on for 4 years. Both films will be finished this year. Some things I enjoy are camping, hiking, swimming, biking, sailing, and skiing. The most important things in my life are my family and friends.

Olivia Fontes

Likes: Long walks on the beach, photography, The Office, all 3 of my ENORMOUS cats.

    And of course all my friends, otherwise known as my Fav Queens or 10/10 besties.

Dislikes: When you turn the page and there’s a backside.

In CBNA Today, most (if not all, let’s be real) of my articles are creative writing!

Julia Warren

Julia Warren is now a senior at Coe-Brown. She loves to write and play the Sims in her free time. She also loves music a lot, maybe a little too much, and can be seen frequently at concerts. Her favorite color is turquoise, but you would never know because she exclusively wears shades of black.