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Five Ways to Stay Motivated Through the Fourth Quarter

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

~Julia Warren

As a senior, currently suffering at the hand of senioritis, I have complied a short list of some of my favorite ways to motivate myself. I hope that at least one of these tips help you in finishing the year and years to come!

1) Remember how close you are to finishing! -- Think about it, you have already made it through three-fourths of the school year and there are only a few months left! Make those last few months count and finish the year off strong.

2) Take breaks! -- Give yourself time to breathe! Even if it is only a few minutes to watch a short YouTube video, the time away helps. Give yourself at least fifteen minutes for every hour of work you do. This way you can avoid burnouts and get more done in the long-run.

3) Congratulate yourself! -- Be proud of what you have accomplished! You have put a lot of work into getting this far and should recognize that. Doing so will help keep you motivated and excited to accomplish more.

4) Listen to your favorite tunes! -- Music can help block out white noise around you and help you focus! Listening to your favorites also get you into a good mood, which is never a bad thing. Don’t forget to dance a little while completing your assignments.

5) Chill Time! -- In addition to taking breaks, make sure you give yourself time to chill-out! You can do this by spending time with friends, watching your favorite tv shows, catching a movie, or reading a book. It’s truly anything that you can do to lose yourself for a couple hours.

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