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Sixteen CBNA Students Representing 26 Works of Art Earn Statewide Recognition in The Scholastic Art

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

The Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Visual Arts Department is pleased to announce that sixteen students received recognition in The 2019 Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire - A Regional Affiliate of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, Inc. Students from CBNA received seven Gold Keys, five Silver Keys and fourteen Honorable Mentions. The Gold Key works will continue on and compete in the national competition with national results announced in Mid-March.


Cole Perra (11) Honorable Mention-Photography Title: Boats

Marissa Trevino (12) Honorable Mention-Photography Title: Circles


Mackenzie Anderson (10) Honorable Mention Award-Drawing & Illustration Title: Wanderlust

Isabelle Allan (11) Honorable Mention Award-Printmaking Title: With the Flow

Morgan Burnap (10) Gold Key Award-Photography Title: Head in the Clouds

Gold Key Award-Photography Title: Whirlwind

Silver Key Award-Photography Title: Waves

Honorable Mention-Photography Title: I’m Fine

Sragvi Nomula (9) Honorable Mention Award-Drawing & Illustration Title: Finding Wings

Fiona O’Shea (10) Gold Key Award-Painting Title: Noah’s Flood

Gold Key Award-Painting Title: Fray

Gold Key Award-Painting Title: Hyacinth

Gold Key Award-Painting Title: The Fall of Icarus

Silver Key Award- Drawing & Illustration Title: Me, 2018

Honorable Mention Award-Painting Title: God Complex

Drusilla Szatko (10) Silver Key Award-Printmaking Title: Oh Brother


Sydney Neuman (12) Honorable Mention Award-Drawing & Illustration Title: Wanderlust

Reegan Osborne (12) Silver Key Award- Painting Title: Creator of My Universe

Honorable Mention Award- Drawing & Illustration Title: Angel


Alivia DiPrizio (12) Gold Key Award-Drawing & Illustration Title: Daingean Ui Chuis

Alyssa Hill (12) Honorable Mention Award-Drawing & Illustration Title: Sustainability

Honorable Mention Award-Drawing & Illustration Title: Flowing

Brianna Jackson (11) Honorable Mention Award-Photography Title: Bullying

Nicolas LaMontagne (12) Honorable Mention Award-Painting Title: Hill House

Jessica Sternberg (12) Honorable Mention Award-Drawing & Illustration Title: Frozen Memories

Isabel May (10) Silver Key Award-Photography Title: Chapoteo

Photo Caption: CBNA Gold Key Noah’s Flood (oil on canvas ) by junior Fiona O’Shea

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